Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ABA in the Classroom and Scheduling

Applied behavior analysis is the science of studying behavior. It is used in one on one settings to reduce behavior and improve the learning environment. Through reinforcement students are motivated to follow desired behaviors and repeat in the future. The structure helps children with special needs acquire skills that typical children learn naturally. 

 I have been working toward my BCaBA in a clinic that works one on one with children who have autism. My district structures the autism units around ABA, and I'm wondering if anyone has ever modeled their classroom after this. I will be getting the help of two aides, which makes 3 adults to about 10 students. How do you schedule the students and how much one on one time do the students get?

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  1. It's sooo awesome that you use ABA techniques in your classroom! I hope to read some more posts about this on your blog:)

    We are ALL Special!