Friday, July 6, 2012

Kappa Delta Pi Resources

I am a member of Kappa Delta Pi the international Honor Society in Eduction. I joined in college and glad I did. The webinars are super helpful and there are a ton of articles about anything and everything education. I have been reading a lot of the first year teacher tips articles, which ease some of my anxieties. If you are a member don't forget about this great resource.

Kappa Delta Pi

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  1. I enjoy your blog (and ABA teaching style) so much I wanted to give you an award:)

    I'm in the process of writing a post awarding you with The Versatile Blogger award, stop on by and see it on's taking me awhile to write the post, and I'm timing it to post tomorrow cause I don't want to double post today:-D

    We are ALL Special!