Sunday, July 29, 2012

Newbie Blog Hop

I have had so much fun with blog hops and linky parties. It is so exciting when I see one I can participate in. I found this one through Sarah's blog Yeehaw Teaching in Texas, but it is originally hosted by Janis at Grade 3 is the Place for Me.

The rules are to answer these three questions:

1. What state are you teaching in: TEXAS
2. Your current teaching position: Elementary Autism Class
3.What is your teaching experience: This is my first year!!!
4 When did you start blogging: I had a blog last year for reviewing books, but started my teaching blog this summer.
5. Share a blogging tip:  Join linky parties and blog hops like this one to get more followers. I find that knowing people read my post motivates my to write more, and return the favor by commenting and following. Also ask questions we are all here to help each other out!!

Check these out!!


  1. FOund you in the blog hop. I’m your newest follower. Please check out my blog if you get a chance “Calling Plays in 2nd Grade”.
    Thanks, Shanell

  2. hello,
    I found you through the Newbie Blog hop and I love your award. I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Please visit my blog to accept.
    Fashionably in First Grade

  3. I am so happy to have found you through the blog hop. I am excited to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. Yay! I found you through the Newbie Blog Hop, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award, stop by to check it out!

  5. I found you through the Newbie Blog hop and I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Hop on over to pick it up!

    A Ray of Kindergarten Sunshine