Saturday, July 28, 2012

Zones for Classroom

I was able to get into my classroom a couple weeks ago and begin the daunting process of organizing, arranging, and setting up my classroom for zones. The Young Children with Autism program that I will be teaching in is highly structured with Applied Behavioral Analysis principles. The classrooms are designed to have as many zones as there are adults, I am lucky to have two paraprofessionals in my classroom, which makes three adults including me.

The zones are arranged using classroom furniture (study carrels, moveable walls, cubbies shelves, and whatever else), with one entrance/exit. Each zone will have a teacher table located at the enterance for one on one instruction.

The students are scheduled to be in zones for 60 minute rotations with 20 minute activity switches within each zone. Each student gets one on one time in the zone before moving to the next zone. A rotation set is complete when all students receive one on one with every adult in the classroom. Each student is required to have a minimum of 120 minutes of one on one instruction per day, therefore rotations take place twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

So far I have done stage one of setting up my classroom, which is to arrange the furniture into the zones. My classroom in part of a pod where there are two classrooms, a room for group time, an area for motor lab, and a lunch area.  Check out my pictures in the my classroom tab above!! So far I only have pictures of my room, but the group area, motor lab, and lunch area pictures will be up soon.

My next step is to color code each zone and organize materials, activities, and independent work spaces. I'm sure I'll have another lengthy post to explain my scheduling system.

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