Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh how time flys...

Oh wow!! I had a feeling this would happen. This semester totally flew by and I have had no time to write in this blog. Where do I begin....The year started off crazy and hectic as expected, but I have an excellent support team and program director. Teaching my staff how things are suppose to be is another story. I ended up having eight students and three paraprofessionals in my classroom. The schedule was set up to have four zones and two kids in each zone. This worked great and gave us enough time to have two rotations at each zone for 15 minutes each. That allowed the adult to have one on one time with the first student while the other student worked at an independent rotation doing one of either file folders, puzzles, work jobs, listening, computer, books, or break time.Then we would rotate the students to give each student one on one time.

My students have come so far from where we started that first week of school. It was rough to get through the aggression and non compliance, but once trust was built my students were working great. My favorite intervention this semester was a negative reinforcement technique where I would bring the vacuum in the zone when the student was not complying. This student does not like the noise a vacuum makes, but is fascinated by the way a vacuum works. All I had to do was put the vacuum in my zone ( not even turned on), and the student would comply. I was able to do so much with this student once I found what works.

I have great parents too, they were so kind and generous with gifts for the classroom and for me, before the holiday break. It means so much that they appreciate the time I spend with their kids everyday. They have made comments through out the semester about how well their kids are doing, but I know without the support from home my kids would not have made as much progress.

I will try and keep up with this blog over the break, but no guarantees when school starts up again.

Happy Holidays!!