Saturday, January 26, 2013

Autism Trainings

My partner teacher came across this website of autism trainings based on scientific research from the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence. This is a great resources for parents, teachers, students, and anyone who knows someone with autism. The modules range from assessment and identification of ASDs, recognizing and understanding behaviors and characteristics, transition to adulthood, employment, and numerous evidence-based practices and interventions.I have viewed some of the data taking modules, which has helped me understand my students' behaviors.

Through these modules you can also earn continuing education credit and is recognized in my great state of Texas as professional development.

You do have to register, but all the modules are free, over 40 currently on the site with lots more to come.



  1. Thank you for sharing Lacey. I would like to share an app that is available for students of all ages with autism that you may find useful. 'Able AAC Free' or 'Able AAC' for $59.99 by Ablevox is available on the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch. It is helpful with individuals that have difficulty speaking or are nonverbal. It has a configurable home/school daily schedule check-able task list, reminder list, reward/motivational system, video and audio learning system. This application is useful for behavioral intervention, communication, functional skills, language, organizing, and social skills. Best of luck with everything!

  2. I just found my way here from "Teaching With Moxie." I am also a special education teacher--I currently live in MI but am working toward relocating to TX. (The fact that it's snowing right now, may or may not have something to do with my decision). I love working with students with autism as well (and I have a daughter with autism). I will definitely be back!