Saturday, May 11, 2013

Top Teacher Winner and Cameras in the classroom

She won!!!! I am so proud of the top teacher finalist Suzette Steward. She deserves every bit of it and I'm glad she won.

I finished my last ARD for the season yesterday, and I'm so happy all that paperwork is done. Now on to summer school organization. In my program all the kids are eligible for summer school to maintain critical skills in behavior and social/communication. I have decided to work summer school this year which is pretty much the easiest job I could get for the summer, four weeks out of the summer two weeks in June and two weeks in July, four days of the week from 8am-1pm.  I am happy because I get to have my kids that are in my class. I have also decided to volunteer with a social skills program for children with higher functioning autism. I think it will be fun and give me some great ideas on helping my kids cope with their emotions and daily social skills. I'm curious if anyone else "works" during the summer? 

On another note, Texas is close to being the first state to mandate having cameras in special education classrooms. I have been on the fence about this controversial topic for awhile, but I know that my program is supported well, and I trust the staff in my classroom to care for our children in the appropriate ways, so bring it on. The bill passed through the Texas senate last month and went to the house floor last week. There was some debate on who would be responsible for the cost and maintenance of the cameras, but looks like we should find out Tuesday if the bill passed or not. What are your thoughts on cameras in the classrooms?

Also I added pictures of my classroom on the "My classroom" tab so check them out!!

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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I got so excited!! I am your newest follower. I look forward to learning more about what you are doing in your classroom. The zone concept sounds real interesting, and it is the first I have heard about it, so it looks like I need to do some research. I have finally made a schedule for my classroom next year but am still trying to figure out how to insert it in my blog. I am so NOT technically inclined so EVERYTHING is a learning curve. As for cameras in the classroom, I get your point, but it feels like a total lack of trust to me on the part of the state. Let's put cameras in everyone of those politician's offices and see how they feel about that. I hope it doesn't pass, but I know how it is when someone else mandates something, we just have to follow along because we are stuck with it. I wish you luck with it and I hope someone is speaking up for all you teachers. As for working in the summers, I don't do it at all. This is when I recoup mentally so that I am fresh and excited when school starts in the fall. Luckily, I have been teaching long enough so that I am up on the pay scale and don't have to work. I did that for a number of years. I look forward to reading more. Good luck to you!