Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pre-set up Classroom and 5 point scale materials

This is my classroom pre-set up. We were required to stack all the furniture and push everything against the walls before we left for summer. I can not believe summer is basically over. We go back August 19 and the kids will start the 26. I am in a training this week and will be in my classroom as much as I can until school starts. Next week I will zone my classroom. (read more about zoning a classroom here) I can't wait to get it ready for next year. I learned a lot my first year and will be doing things a little different. 
I read an awesome post at Autism Classroom News about the incredible 5 point scale book by Kari Dunn Buron and then I found the book on the resource shelf at my school. I was so excited that I decided to make some icons and manipulatives to use. I also watched "the incredible 5 point scale" module at Autism Internet Modules. You can get the task cards and portable booklet at my TPT store here. I introduced the materials to my kids this summer and will definitely be using it when school starts.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New TPT product - adaptive book on Body Parts

I have been planning, planning, and planning for August. My husband took a week of his vacation this week, but I actually went to my school and classroom to work. I will start going half days next week (by choice) to print all the activities I have been planning and to put my classroom together. I worked on making an adaptive book this week about body parts. Body parts is one of the first units my class will study when school starts. You can check it out here at my TPT store.

This book allows for the use of three learning levels. I will actually make it two books, one with the words and one without to meet the levels of my kids. They will be able to match word to word, letter to letter, or spell the word for each picture. I am excited to use it and hope you will enjoy it too.