Sunday, September 1, 2013

We survived...the first week!!!!!!

I am very pleased to say that my paras and students are amazing. We survived the first week of school without any major problems. We even had a para sub one day. I have five of the same students I had last year plus two new ones. I did loose one para position so I have two paras this year and the same amount of children, which has been the most difficult transition.

My students just picked up where we left off in June, which kinda worries me because I'm wondering when the honeymoon phase will be over. I'm sure next week we will see more behaviors as the demands increase and the material gets harder. I have almost set up every rotation in my zones. I need to begin teaching the students to work on the work tasks system during independent rotation time, but haven't quite gathered all my materials yet. I have been cutting and velcro-ing like a mad man this extra long weekend and even recruited some family members to help. I will post pictures of my classroom set-up next week sometime.

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