Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Session of Summer school and bloglovin

WOW!! I can't believe my first session of summer school is finished. It went really well. I was so lucky to have my kids. They did fantastic transitioning and adapting to our makeshift classroom. We try to create boundaries for our kids to work in known as Zones. I used the little furniture I had to create three zones for the the three adults in my classroom. We ended up gaining a student (who I did not have during the school year) which made our ratio 1:2. Below is a video as promised, of our makeshift classroom. It is not on my instagram, because 15 seconds just is not enough time.

I tried to get crafty this week and stick to a theme. I decided to go with "patriotic" in honor of the holiday next week. It was really fun. We made flags, pinwheels, bubble "fireworks", and patriotic skewers.I really am horrible about remembering to take pictures but here are a few.
We made red (strawberries), White (marshmallows), and blue(blueberries) skewers. The students had to make a pattern with the colors and stick them on the skewer. It was pretty funny because the strawberries were giant and the skewers were small. The blueberries got smashed.
The kids glued on the stripes and colored stars on their flags. I did all the cutting. We also made pinwheels and bubble "fireworks" which I'm sorry to say I did not take pictures of. The bubble fireworks were cool and all my kids love bubbles. I just added food coloring the bubbles and they blew the bubbles on a white piece of construction paper. That wraps up my summer school session and hopefully I will take more pictures next session which starts July 22. Any thoughts on themes?

I also joined bloglovin, click my button or the link below to follow me please. I am sad to see google friend connect go, I just hate when they change things. This new bloglovin will be interesting to see all the stats, and I think I'm going to like the layout better.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday

I'M BACK!!!!The past two weeks have been crazy, closing, moving, and the first week of summer school. I will share my crazy week below in this linky by Doodle Bugs Teaching.

1. First day of summer- Believe it or not today is the actual first day of summer!! I don't know about where you live but it has felt like summer here in South Texas for about a month. My car told me earlier this week one day it was 107 degrees outside. It quickly went down to 99 but either way it was HOT.

2.Closing - We sat through a 4 hour ridiculous closing to get our house. My husband took the whole week off to pack, move, and get into our new house, but when closing was pushed back two days it made it hard to get everything done.

3. My cat approves of the new house. He was a little scared at first, but quickly made himself at home. I think he is enjoying the cool hard floors and being able to watch the cars go by from the second floor window.

4. Summer School - I finished my first week of summer school yesterday. It is really nice because we only go half days from 8-1 and only Monday through Thursday. I was so excited to see my kids (even though it has only been a week and a half since I saw them last). I swear they grew in just that one week. One student I was expecting did not show and I was kinda sad, hopefully he shows up next week. I will try and remember to post an instagram video next week of our makeshift classroom.We tried to do this craft at summer school after reading the rainbow fish and talking about the ocean. We did not use cellophane or goldfish. My kids just colored a "sea scene" and we glued colored fruit loops around the window. I'm really bad about taking pictures, but I will take more next week of our crafts.

5. The Voice - I'm so proud of the winner of The Voice. She is from my hometown area and her high school is in the same school district as my high school alumni. I can't wait for her album and to watch her grow into a successful music artist. Way to go Danielle!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

June Currently

I can't believe it is June already. The morning humidity and afternoon blazing hot temps are a fierce reminder that we should not be in school this time of year.  Here goes my June currently believe it or not..... (thanks Farley over at Oh boy 4th Grade for posting).

Listening: A lot of Zac Brown Band tonight on Sugarland radio, I like it!!

Loving: I can't wait to get into our new house, but really do not want to pack.

Thinking: I have spent so much time getting summer school activities/paperwork done I have hardly done anything in my room. Luckily Wednesday is a half day for the students and we get all day Thursday to pack up. Also I am a little sad that I won't see some of kids next year or even in two weeks at summer school. I think I have been putting it off on purpose.

Wanting: Well why am I not surprised that it is June and almost 100 degrees, I LIVE IN SOUTH TEXAS. Summers are bitter sweet to me, I do not like the temperatures, but I love the time off and being at the pool.

Needing: The moving list seems to grow and grow each day, hopefully this will be our last move for a long while

3 Vacay essentials: Since my vacation this summer will be the awesome pool in my new backyard all I need is a rum mix drink, the pool, and sleeping on a float.