Friday, May 16, 2014

Five for Friday

WOW!! It surprises me that after 8 months of not posting I'm still getting daily visitors, I bet it's because of TPT, which is great and I apologize for not posting more. It has been a heck of a year, and crazy busy week of ARDs (IEP meetings). I have my final ARD on Monday and then there are only 18 days left until summer break. Here is the linky I'm participating in from Doodle Bugs Teaching

1. I have such awesome parents, that I got two Target gift cards for Teacher appreciation week last week. This is these two cute shirts I bought, and two of my kids commented on it "Hey that one is the same color as the other one but is has pineapples" "Hey you have another one". Maybe not direct compliments, but from my kids that is pretty awesome and I'll take it with a huge smile.

2. I am catching up on watching the series Dexter and just finished season three this week. I am watching it on NUVO TV where they are playing the entire series, but two episodes a week. As long as I record it and fast forward through the Spanish commercials its all good. I love this way of watching shows. I may be 8 years late, but two hours a week of such a suspenseful/ drama filled show is great. 

3. With summer break upon us, we have began planning for our vacations. We may go to Los Angeles, CA for a family wedding/ extended vacation or a trip to Boston. I have not been to either place, so I don't care where we go, but it depends on husbands job schedule. I will be off course HA

4. I went to the hair cutters and got a little trim (about 4 inches). I wasn't thrilled, because the layers weren't as short as  I wanted. Luckily it was only a $17 hair cut and I can get it cut to look cuter in the fall. 

5. Did I mention there are only three weeks left of school!! only 13 1/2 days with students.