My Classroom

The program I  teach in, YCAP (Young Children with Autism Program), is designed into zones. One area for each adult in the classroom, I am blessed to have two paraprofessionals in my class this year, which with me makes three adults. Read more about zoning in my blog post here.

Entry to our Classroom. Each child is designated a color and the feet show the students where to stand in line.

Overhead view of my classroom arranged in 3 zones.

The purple zone is where one of my paraprofessionals works on social studies and does sensory crafts.

The green zone is where one of my paraprofessionals works on math, science, and vocational.

I work in the teal zone on writing, reading, and communication. 

We each have 4 areas plus the one on one table that the students can rotate to. The students go to the one on one table in each zone during rotations, but they may not go to every other area in the zone based on their ability to work independently. Some of the areas include library, work task system, file folders, adapted books, puzzles, listening, computer, drawing, or work jobs (vocational).

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  1. Lacey, I also use TEACCH quite a lot, my students are a mix of disabilities, but the system works well for all kinds, it just needs a tweak here and there. I also have the added complication of inclusion, which has its ups and downs! I like your organization! Paula @